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ZB & Sons Services (Pvt) Ltd is participating in the Development of Pakistan energy’s energy sector through alternate energy development board & chamber of commerce & industry and got several recognition from the aforesaid departments. ZB & Sons is playing its vital roll while inviting/offering the international & capable brands of energy products in Pakistan.i.e


  • Solar Cels
  • Solar Plates
  • UPS
  • Inverters
  • Solar Power Box & Solar Light Box
  • Solar LED Lights
  • Gensets
  • Wind Power Turbines

With latest technologies we provide turnkey solution in the different areas i.e. in "Process Automation Oil and Gas", Water and Waste Treatment,Cement ,Food and Beverages ,Paper and Plastic ,Metal and Steel" etc.

ZB & Sons Services (Pvt) Ltd Specialize in the latest techniques used in industries i.e."Factory Automation ,Machine Automation,Conveyor System,Packaging System,Food and Beverages,Paper and Plastic ,Metal & Steel ,Power Automation " as well as in Commercial areas i.e ."Building Automation","Bulk Storage". 


Technical teams (Both electrical & Mechanical Qualified Engrs/Reps) of Zb & Sons Services (Pvt) Ltd have also compiled detailed Literature to assist the client in identifying potential problems, and to help with the design of peripheral systems vital to the correct functioning of the Generator/UPS as well as developed a training faculty for the training of newcomers.